Grief Support in the Home

I couldn’t see a way through…

Since you came and saved me I have been travelling along ok. Naturally I am having my ups and downs but I think I am managing my way through.

I can not thank you enough for coming to see me when you did. I was just at a point where I couldn't see a way through, but you are so very good at what you do and I feel moderately sane again.


CW June 14, 2017

“I thought I had a handle on death and grief”

I thought I had a handle on death and grief.

My mother died in 2013 just before her 94th birthday leaving me, an only child, and my father. I was with her when she died and it was a peaceful passing. She was ready.

My father died recently and he was not ready despite his advanced age. He died as he lived, tackling life head on. We were there to support him.

A month later I crashed. I couldn't stop crying. Every day was difficult even with supportive family and friends. I knew of Claire and Grief Relief and sought her help.

Claire was utterly professional and accommodating. She came to my home and listened. She didn't say much but the few questions she did ask really got me thinking. She drew simple diagrams to explain things.

I can see now where my grief was coming from. There were unresolved matters between us which I had imagined would be reconciled before he died even though my head knew differently.

Claire’s diagram showed me how to move from an emotional, tearful state to a thinking one. I had got stuck in my emotions and one can't think straight in an emotional state. I was beginning to worry that it was a sign of dementia like my father had. No, I simply needed to practice more of 'being in the moment' so I could think clearly when I needed to, yet allow the emotions to come and go.

Within twenty four hours I went from not coping to feeling OK about everything.

Thank you Claire, you're a star!

Lynne May 12, 2015

“Awesome support”

“Thank you, Claire, for the awesome support you are giving us. Although we have friends and family helping us, it is still such a lonely road we are treading on, yet when you meet other parents who have loved and lost a child, you realise there are other people walking with you!”

SIDS family January 10, 2003

Grief Support in the Workplace

“Tragically lost our company MD”

"In April 2013 we tragically lost our company MD in a motorcycle accident. Not knowing what to do for ourselves and our staff, we contacted Claire from Grief Relief in the hope that she could help us through the process that was to come. Thankfully, Claire was able to see us quickly and we put it to all staff that they could join a group session with Claire.

Having never been in a situation where we have needed to discuss something so tragic and meaningful to all, we were unsure whether staff would be open to this type of forum.

We were very pleased with how comfortable Claire made our team and how she took real time to get to know the person we were grieving. I think the process of explaining to Claire who he was and why we loved him, really helped. We felt genuine and sincere care from Claire for our loss. We were very surprised at how open and willing everyone was to share their feelings and this is a credit to Claire and how she facilitated the group.

Although our grief was an ongoing process, Claire helped us to deal with the initial shock and also better understand that different people deal with loss very differently which enabled us to better understand and support each other through the next few months."

Kate Gibson Divisional Manager Retail Black Diamond Technologies Limited, Lower Hutt November 10, 2014

Grief Support in the Community

An extension of Care

Claire’s presentation was well received and her ability to adapt to a wide range of needs was evident.  By sharing both personal experience and her professional knowledge, she led people through an interactive time of looking at themselves and hearing how others were coping.

It assisted client families to experience an extension of care from our business that we see we will offer again.

Cloudy Bay Funeral Services May 12, 2017

WellMe Support Group – Lower Hutt

I had the privilege of Claire’s support through her work as Community Support Co-ordinator for WellME. Claire’s facilitation of the support groups, her organisation of speakers and preparation of material were always of an exceptionally high standard and well received by members.

Claire’s knowledge and skills with grief are second to none and quietly underpinned her support and understanding towards myself and others suffering chronic illness, respecting where we each were on our own journey. Her ongoing support outside of the meetings was warmly given and received.

I have no hesitation in recommending Claire for her facilitation skills and her grief support.

L Kelly May 1, 2017

“the ongoing journey of Breast Cancer”

I went to the Breast Cancer Support Group in Lower Hutt for over 2 years.  The programme was well organised and facilitated by Claire who ensured everyone had the chance to speak of their experiences if they wished with no pressure.

Knowing it was private within the group, we could share our experiences openly with others who have gone through or still going through the ongoing journey of Breast Cancer.   The comradeship with the other woman was great and chatting over a cuppa at the end of the sessions was always a buzz.

Thank you Claire for all your hard work to ensure this group runs smoothly and for your great support to everyone.

Robyn October 1, 2015

Tricia’s Professional Recommendation

Claire Laurenson supports those who are grieving with invaluable insights because she's both 'been there' herself and been committed to ongoing learning about grief over many years.

Claire is down to earth, empathetic, understanding, knowledgeable, practical, capable and honest - all the qualities most needed in a grief support person. Her resourcefulness and creative flair adds to the mix and I don't hesitate to recommend her to you.


Tricia Hendry (Past) Deputy Chief Executive, Skylight August 10, 2013

Grief Education and Training

NZ Playcentre Federation Trustee Board

Claire recently ran a successful 'Grief Relief' workshop with the NZ Playcentre Federation Trustee Board as we progress through our current national Amalgamation/Restructure.  Claire is a confident presenter who provided relevant information on change, loss and grief to our small group then facilitated a useful activity followed by a meaningful discussion. We are looking forward to having Claire work with us our national Conference later this year, for our wider membership.


Alaine Tamati-Aubrey and Susan Bailey Co-Presidents, NZ Playcentre Federation August 30, 2017

This lady knows about grief!

“This lady knows about grief!  Great to personalise with your own life experience - kept it real. I loved your openness and acceptance of everything.”

LH Women's Centre Volunteer Training January 10, 2010


"Your session was informative, interesting and of great benefit to us all. Several students have since approached me to express how valuable this session was."

Tutor Bachelor of Health Sciences - Paramedic students, Whitireia January 10, 2005

Massey University, Wellington

“The students commented both on the professional manner in which the material was presented and your ability to weave the theoretical information together with the practical issues.

After your presentation, they were far more open in discussions around grief issues and keen to put their new knowledge of SIDS to use in role plays which suggests to me, that they gained not only some valuable insights from you, but your style of presentation meant they were able to relate this to the work of social workers and translate it into skills for their future work.”

Contract Lecturer Social Work students Massey University January 10, 2005

Capital & Coast District Health Board

"The way you presented loss and grief issues and the wealth of insight and resources you so generously shared with us was much appreciated."

In-service Training Committee Capital & Coast District Health Board January 10, 2004

NZ Police

“For most Police, experience indicates the death of a child in any form is undoubtedly the most challenging situation they find themselves in both professionally and personally....... Without exception, they felt the sessions were valuable and provided insight and tools to help them in their work.”

OC District Training NZ Police January 10, 2001

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