Grief Training

Having your community group or agency educated about grief is like civil defence training, being prepared beforehand can reduce damage and create better outcomes when a situation arises.

Improving your understanding of grief will help your interactions with clients, work colleagues, staff, friends or family who are grieving. It will help you overcome any awkwardness around what to say, what not to say and how to be comfortable with other people’s grief.

Education and training on loss and grief is a wise choice for those working at community level.

Sessions are tailored to the specific needs of your community group or agency

Grief Relief Traning

Some possible topics are:
  • Recognising grief; in yourself and others
  • Supporting someone in grief What’s helpful and unhelpful?
  • Caring for yourself and others when grieving
  • Current ways of thinking about grief

Claire has a solid understanding of the personal impact of grief and its implications, the practicalities of living with and managing grief, supporting grievers and the current theory behind it, providing helpful ways of thinking about grief.

Claire is available for educational presentations, workshops or training sessions. Please contact Grief Relief to discuss your group or organisation’s requirements.

Speaking engagements

Claire is an interesting, informative and thought-provoking speaker on the subject of Loss & Grief. Please contact Grief Relief to discuss your requirements.





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