Grief in the Workplace Workshops

For business owners, managers and those working with or supporting grievers in the workplace.

Perhaps you have already had difficult and costly situations at work because of trauma or loss & grief and want to be better informed so you can manage it well next time or perhaps you want to be better prepared for when grief comes to work or perhaps you are just curious and want to learn more.  Whatever your motivation, these workshops will help you be better informed about grief and better equipped to manage yourself and others who are grieving. You will also prevent costly ‘learning’ to your business.

Workshop One -The Impact of Grief in the Workplace.  In this workshop you will gain an awareness of the cost of grief to a business, as well as an understanding of grief and how it works.

Workshop Two – Managing Grief in the Workplace.  In this workshop you will learn more about grief, what is helpful and unhelpful as well as tools and strategies for managing self and others.

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