Grief Relief (New Zealand)

Grief and loss

Living, learning and growing through  loss and grief

Loss and grief is something we are all faced with at one time or another, whether it is because of a death, an accident, a chronic or terminal illness, loss of a significant relationship (human or animal), loss of home, possessions or some other type of loss. 

At Grief Relief, we respond to your unique circumstances and needs, individually or collectively, providing sound and practical information at any time through your grief from immediately after a critical event to investing in life again and everything in between.

Grief Relief is available nationally via Skype or phone, or face to face throughout the Wellington, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Kapiti areas.

About Claire, founder of Grief Relief


Claire Laurenson B.A. (WS)
Practitioner, Educator and Advisor 

Claire has many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge across a broad range of matters concerning loss and grief.  During her career, she has worked across support and education in sudden infant death, parenting, cancer and chronic illness. She has co-ordinated 24hr phone services, developed grief resources, facilitated support groups and delivered workshops, programmes and training. Claire has worked with the bereaved, emergency responders, health professionals, tertiary institutions, community groups and organisations, businesses and the public. She would like more opportunities for speaking engagements.

Claire works in person throughout Wellington, Lower and Upper Hutt and the Kapiti area and is open to work further afield, nationally and overseas.

Claire also works via Phone and Skype, nationally or internationally.

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Claire provides her services to the following organisations:




Grief programmes, workshops, support & education

  • Practical information and resources for health professionals, students, businesses and community groups on grief and dealing with those affected by grief
  • Sound support and information for individuals and families/whanau dealing with grief and loss

Delivered in the workplace, community or home, or by phone or Skype, the format may be a one-on-one conversation, a facilitated conversation with a group, a  presentation, a professional development workshop, a creative workshop or, a combination of these.

Support and education is tailored to the client's needs and circumstances, individually or as a group.



"I need someone ..."

"I need someone who believes that the sun will rise again but who does not fear my darkness. Someone who can point out the rocks in my way without making me a child by carrying me. Someone who can stand in thunder and watch the lightening and believe in a rainbow."

- Fr Joe Mahoney

"Invaluable insights"

"Claire Laurenson supports those who are grieving with invaluable insights because she's both 'been there' herself and been committed to ongoing learning about grief over many years.

Claire is down to earth, empathetic, understanding, knowledgeable, practical, capable and honest - all the qualities most needed in a grief support person. Her resourcefulness and creative flair adds to the mix and I don't hesitate to recommend her to you."

- Tricia Hendry
(Past) Deputy Chief Executive, Skylight