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Haere mai.  Welcome to Grief Relief’s new website, version three.  It is a work in progress and content is being updated over the next few weeks but do have a look around and tell us what you think. Constructive criticism please.

Now down to the business of loss and grief, something we all face at one time or another in life. There are a myriad of causes for loss and grief.  Your loss might be in relation to someone, such as a significant person or pet, or something, such as a place or possession. Your loss might have been sudden and unexpected or anticipated.  The end of a relationship with someone might have been due to a parting of ways, conflict or a death. You might be living with, or caring for someone, with incremental losses due to a debilitating disease/illness or aging, ongoing due to a chronic illness, or injury/disability from an accident.

Whatever your loss may be the result of, Claire at Grief Relief responds to your unique needs and circumstances. Claire is ably equipped to support you at any time through your grief from prior to an anticipated loss, living with ongoing loss, after a death to investing in life again and everything in between.

Grief Relief also provides grief support and education in the community and workplace. Not only for grievers in these settings, Grief Relief provides critical incident response, support and education for those of you who may be managing or supporting grievers in your workplace or come across loss and grief in your community and want more understanding and/or tools.

Claire has 20+years of working with trauma, loss and grief providing support and education for sudden and unexpected death in infancy, bereavement, cancer, parenting and chronic illness. Her work is a unique blend of sound, practical knowledge and experience, grief theory, life skills and tools, storytelling, creative flair, intuitiveness and a passion for supporting people through grief and educating people about grief.

You can access Grief Relief’s support and education as an individual, parents, family/whanau, groups of friends or work colleagues, students and teachers, support workers, health professionals and emergency responders.

Grief Relief’s service is mobile to your home, community and workplace in the Wellington region.

Available nationwide in person, by phone or Skype.

I love this work and welcome opportunities for speaking about life, loss & grief.

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